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Information about the OID registry

On behalf of eHealth Suisse a OID-concept has been created for Switzerland. It was approved on April 15, 2010 by the steering comitee. Since January 1st, 2011, the RefData Foundation is the official OID registry for eHealth in Switzerland and reponsible for the OID node 2.16.756.5.30 (eHealth-CH).

OID are for interoperability

Object-Identifiers (OID) are number chains for a globally unique identification of all kind of objects. Examples are institutions, documents, messages or certificates.
The OID concept defines the handling of OID in the Swiss eHealth domain. It aims to improve the semantic interoperability in electronic data exchanges. OID are assigned based on the rule of "as much as necessary, but as few as needed". Therefore, OID shall primarely be used as reference systems in eHealth, but normally not to identify individual objects. They therefore group exisiting, proprietary identifiers into unique object domains.

More informations: OID concept (in german)
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